Tube Top Bikini

From a tube top bikini to a string bikini and a bandeaus top, this swimsuit has certainly gone a long, long way. The style, specifically, has been around since the 1950s and is a favorite of women with moderately sized busts who want the illusion of smaller ones. This is not only perfect for the beach. Blouses in this style can be also be worn off the beach, under a jacket or a sheer camisole to the office or for a day of shopping. However, this article will restrict the discussion to the use of this kind of design for the perfect beachwear.

This style of swimwear is essentially just a piece of elastic cloth wrapped around the chest area. One of the requirements of swimwear done in this style is that the material must be sturdy and elastic, and that it should have a perfect, snug fit. That means that the top is not too loose, as it won’t offer any source of support for your breast, which then defeats the purpose, but not too constricted, either. This will result to the unattractive sight of your breasts threatening to spill out of your top, or the fabric of the top looking strained and stretched far too much, both of which are definitely not sexy.

When to Wear tube tops

You can wear tube tops as long as you have the chest size to show for it. This means nothing too small and nothing too large. Wearing this kind of bathing suit if you have a very flat chest can make your chest look even flatter. You can also wear this style if you want to accentuate your neck and shoulders or make your neck appear longer. This style is also perfect if you have been working out and toning your arms and want to show them off at the beach.

When not to wear tubes

Never, under any circumstances, should you wear a top that is either a size too small or a size too large. Having the right fit is the key in wearing this kind of swimwear. Anything loose will predispose you to the embarrassing situation of losing your top, while anything too tight will have your breasts spilling out of your swimsuit.

If you are planning on playing volleyball or water polo and other activities on the beach, it might be a better idea to romp around with a halter top or attach shoulder traps on your top for added security and support. The strapless kind may not have enough support for very active beach sports or serious swimming.