Strapless Bikini

A strapless bikini is one that lacks straps on top. This kind of beachwear is perfect for women with moderately sized chests and those with lean, athletic builds.

When to go strapless

There are times when going for this style either becomes a necessity or just simply a desire to bare the shoulders once in a while. Going strapless becomes a necessity when, for example, you are one of the bridesmaids for a wedding the next day, and want to work on your tan the day before. You need to wear this type of suit to avoid tan lines which can be visible if you are going to be wearing an off-the-shoulder or a gown with a tube top for the wedding. The same is all the more necessary if you are the bride.

Aesthetically speaking, you can choose to go for this type of bathing suit if you want to accentuate the length of your neck or make your shoulders and face stand out.

When not to go strapless

Don’t wear this swimwear style when you have a very flat chest, as this type of top can flatten you chest even more. Do not go for this design when you have very large breasts, either. This kind of swimwear is just not made to support that kind of weight and size. If you get one that is too small, you might feel uncomfortable, and be in a situation wherein your boobs are bunched and mashed against each other in a very unflattering way. Such a look will surely get you the wrong kind of attention, something that you don’t want to happen to you at the beach.

This kind of bathing suit is also not suitable if you have a substantial amount of back and arm fat, as it will focus more attention on these areas. This suit type will only bunch up folds of fat upward, giving you a lumpy look on the upper part of your torso. A bikini top with wide shoulder straps is usually the perfect solution if you want ample support for your bust. In this case, not any kind of straps will do. Spaghetti straps are not a good choice since they can create unsightly grooves on your shoulders.

Finally, never ever go out in public wearing a strapless top with a bikini if its your first time, as you will most likely feel uncomfortable and will start yanking your top up every five seconds to make sure that your top is in place.