Bandeau Top Bikini

A bandeau top bikini has always been in style no matter what the fashion trend for beachwear is, probably because a lot of women can wear this style without any problems. This kind of swimwear comes in all sorts of styles and designs, and even more options when it comes to clothing materials. The most common materials for swimsuits include spandex, nylon, and polyester blends, although a lot of bathing suits are also incorporated with cotton for breathability and comfort. Here’s a lowdown on these different materials to see which one will suit you best.


Swimsuits made of 100% cotton are certainly more comfortable but there is one huge drawback. These pieces are extremely prone to bunching and riding up, and may not give you the silhouette that you are after. To get around this, manufacturers have incorporated a certain percentage of spandex or nylon to make the suit more elastic. This material is also more susceptible to the destructive effects of chlorine. Swimwear made of this material, when worn in chlorine-treated pools, tend to become brittle earlier than those made of other fabric types.

Nylon and Lycra or Spandex blends

A typical suit will most likely contain 80% nylon and 20% Lycra or Spandex. Nylon is the most popular material for swimwear because it is lightweight, smooth, and dries faster than any other material for bathing apparel. This is coupled with the excellent elasticity and stretchability provided by Lycra or Spandex to give a more form-fitting hug on the body. However, both materials easily get brittle when exposed to sunlight or chlorine. In some cases, some types of beachwear used for water competitions are made of pure nylon and without any percentage of Lycra because nylon does not easily rip.


Polyester is another material used in beachwear, although it is not as commonly used as nylon or Lycra or Spandex. This is probably because polyester is not as durable as the previous two, and because it has gained somewhat a bad reputation of overuse by clothing manufacturers in the ’70s and ’80s. However, independent studies have revealed that polyester swimgear tend to last more washes and undergo¬† minimal fading relative to those made of nylon or Spandex. As a matter of fact, a popular swimgear brand has produced a special suit. This special bathing suit is composed of a nylon, elastane, and polyester blend¬† with a surface designed to resemble shark skin. This is to allow the human body to slice easily through the water, reducing drag.