Bandeau Swimsuits

Bandeau swimsuits are one of the most popular swimwear for women with toned, athletic bodies and moderately sized busts. From its humble origins as simply a band wrapped around the bust, the bandeau became popular during the 50s since it covered more areas than the bikini did. Today, this kind of swimwear is the choice of women with moderately sized busts, those who want to show off their shoulders, and those who are simply looking for a stylish way to relax on the beach.

Tips to look good in this swimwear

Bathing suits can come in various designs, styles, and colors. Just like any other piece of clothing, you need to choose the right kind of cut, design, and color to flatter your body type. Here are some tips to help you choose a flattering piece according to your body type.

For short, petite women

If you have a short torso and short legs, choose a cut that is high up in the thighs to slim down your lower extremities. Do not go for boyleg shorts if you are short as this can result to a dumpy look, especially around the hip area. Make sure that your bottom sits below the waist to make your exposed torso appear even longer.

For boyish, athletic figures

Boyleg cuts are great if you have a boyish body. The cut is great for giving definition to your waist. This style is also great for the hourglass figure. For those with really small busts, avoid the bandeau style since this tends to flatten out an already flat chest.

For plus-sized wearers

If you are on the plump side and want to slim down your look, go for medium-sized prints and busy patterns such as swirls. Large prints can do the opposite and give the illusion of a larger figure. If you want to make large hips appear smaller, you can choose a bottom with a dark, solid color and a top with a printed design with bright colors to make the hips and the shoulder look proportionate in size. For a wide or large trunk, vertical or diagonals can do wonders in making this portion of your body appear narrower.

If you want to minimize the appearance of your bust line, go for bandeau tops, making sure that your chosen top fits snugly and is not too small. A top that is too small for the bust will look too constricted and very unattractive.